Pest Control Services

Interior, exterior treatment once a year with free quarterly visits covering all general household pests including ants, roaches, fleas, etc.

Finding a pest infestation problem in your home is devastating. You start wondering how far spread the pest infestation is, if they've reached the kids' rooms, if they are eating out of your corn flakes box and whether or not they creep into your bed at night. You worry about diseases, structural damage to your home, and you get nervous about the simplest things, like taking a relaxing bath, reaching beneath the bed, putting on your shoes or opening a cupboard.

You have worked hard to provide your family with a house, a home that is safe, in which you can all relax and feel secure. Don't let a pest infestation problem rob you of all that hard work. Liberty Lawn & Pest works quickly and efficiently to reclaim your home and get rid of those annoying and invading pests. Our pest control specialized products are safe for both humans and pets, and will not turn your home into a toxic war zone. Liberty Lawn & Pest's pest control specialists will take the time to explain the process and answer any questions you may have before getting rid, once and for all, of your unwanted guests.

Liberty Lawn and Pest Control Yearly Service


Best of all, our treatment is guaranteed! lf the bugs come back during the year, we will too, at no additional cost!

1st Barrier
Outside Granular Treatment:

We strategically place granular bait in shrub beds, around wood piles and any other area where various insects live. By attacking the problem at the source, the first barrier attracts and kills many crawling pests before they can enter your home.

2nd Barrier
Customized Liquid Application:

Before we apply our liquid product, our technicians will sweep down the home for spider webs. This will help prevent spiders from making nests around cracks and entering into your home. We then carefully apply a specialized liquid treatment around windows, doors, eaves, and around all entrance points. This treatment will provide a "kill zone" for insects that do not feed on the granular baits such as spiders.

3rd Barrier
Interior Treatment:

We remove accessible switch plates in the kitchen and bathrooms and place specialized products to prevent insects from using your electrical lines as a highway and a harborage area. This barrier is highly effective in eliminating insects that have managed to get into the walls.

4th Barrier
Kitchens and Bathrooms:

We place unobtrusive baits inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as around plumbing lines. This will prevent an invasion of unwanted house guests that might be brought into the home. This is very important because once inside, insects will move into these areas for food and water. We will also treat under appliances and kick plates to insure complete pest eradication.